Arrest rates have historically been tied to crime rates

Arrest rates drop

Arrest rates have historically been tied to crime rates.

As crime goes up historically best way to fight rising crime rates has been to employ more cops. That, in turn, increases the arrest rates which in turn drives down crime rates as a result of more arrests.

The one thing that must remain constant for this formula to work is the law.

Major changes in the law, in this case Prop 47, no longer provide the sure fire, time tested way to reduce crime by adding cops alone. There must be consequences.

This article shows the rising crime rates statewide but does not make the connection between the drop in arrest rates and these increases in crime.

Prop 57, which appears on this November’s ballot, applies to a much higher level of criminal, the worst of the worst.

Prop 57, if passed, will add to Prop 47’s impact on rising crime, making law enforcement’s job nearly impossible, turning their jobs into futile exercises of “catch and release.” After all what’s the use if there are no consequences?