Jerry Brown’s Policies Increased California Crime to 4th Highest in his First Terms

Experiment is the key word in this article. Governor Jerry Brown did much of the same thing in his first go round as California’s Governor from 1975 to 1983.

The results of his policy of reduced and shorter times for criminals in prison resulted in increasing California crime rates to 4th highest in the nation. It also increased our prison population 400% and required our state to fund and build 19 new prisons.

After the passage of 3 Strikes in 1994, only one new prison has been funded and built in over 20 years.

Now Governor Brown is embracing the same policy that got us into the high crime rates the first time, but is expecting different results.

This is one experiment that will cost the lives of the very people he has the first and primary duty to protect.

I see why he got the nick-name, “Moon Beam.”

Mike Reynolds