Response to the report directed to the reduction of penalties for crime and to criminals in the name of “Criminal Justice Reform

Released and authored by the “Executive Session on Community Corrections.”

After a close look at the board members, the conclusions arrived at by this committee are no surprise.

The policy and politics of the Liberal Left and Progressive Movement have always excused, dismissed and rationalized criminal behavior. In the 1970s, university criminologists were looking for the underlying causes of crime.

Was it caused by too much sugar in their diet? Was it the caffeine in coffee? Was crime due to no dads in the home? Could being poor be a factor?

This kept experts running around trying to figure what was causing our crime rates to skyrocket. Criminal behavior is not that tough to figure out.

1. The leading cause of crime is “criminals”
2. The leading source of criminals is our jail and prison system

The faster they are returned to the streets the more crime will increase.

These short terms and flash incarcerations also provide positive incentive for other would be criminals.

There are 2 other side effects Sacramento’s “soft on crime” legislation and initiatives.

1. Police place less effort into making arrests knowing offenders will be quickly released.
2. Witnesses are less likely to testify when criminals return to the streets looking for those who turned them in.

Let’s cut to the simple, easy to understand truth about crime.

Some people are honest all the time.

Some people are dishonest all the time.

The vast majority are honest as they are held to be.

However, crimes that no longer have penalties are no longer crimes.

Another major factor in the picture of American crime is the impact of the “opioid crisis.” China saw what happened when opium nearly destroyed it’s once hard working country. Today, many Asian countries carry a death penalty for major drug offenses.

People on drugs support their addiction through prostitution, drug sales and crime.

When drugs increase and spread, so does crime.

The course this so-called study is pursuing is a social train wreck for America.

Criminal conduct must be confronted and stopped. Not to do so only increases the frequency and severity of crime.

Historically, the best way to get results is to get tough. No more “Mr. Nice Guy.”

Today in California it’s never been tougher to send a criminal to prison, and criminals know that. California’s crime rates historically dropped in half after the passage of 3 Strikes in 1994. Now we see California crime laws being systematically overturned one after another and California crime is on the rise.

What is most damaging is the deliberate redesign of how crime and recidivism rates are gathered and reported. This has become a “If you don’t like the results, find a new way to make them look” tactic.

Crime stats are the best gauge of changes to our laws and must be timely and accurate and based on the same rules and criteria as previous reports to be of any benefit.

California has a habit of initiating bad laws and policies and providing “the dog ate my homework” reports on the results.

Mike Reynolds