SCOTUS News Report Index 2003 Decisions on 3 Strikes

Given the monumental importance of the US Supreme Court’s, 5 March 2003, decision regarding the constitutionality of California’s Three Strike law, we collected quite a number of articles from newspapers of record and made them available for your reading. All are dated 6 March 2003 (except for the last article by George Will).

The Associated Press, Court Finds ‘Three-Strikes Laws’ Constitutional

The San Diego Union-Tribune, Divided court upholds state’s 3-strikes law

USA Today, Tough crime laws OK’d

USA Today, Court backs tough laws on molesters, repeat offenders

Washington Times, Court upholds ‘three strikes’ law

The Fresno Bee, 3 Strikes hits home run with high court support

The New York Times, Justices Uphold Long Prison Terms in Repeat Crimes

The Los Angeles Times, U.S. Supreme Court Affirms Megan’s Laws, Three-Strikes

Mercury News, ‘Three strikes’ upheld by court

The San Francisco Chronicle, Top court upholds ‘3 strikes’ – Justices allow 25-year-to-life terms for shoplifting

The Washington Post, California’s ‘3-Strikes’ Law Upheld – Supreme Court Decides Long Prison Terms Legal

NEWSWEEK, Three Strikes and You’re In, George F. Will, March 17, 2003.