The Increasing Dangers Inside California Prisons

“The Increasing Dangers Inside California Prisons,” from CCPOA’s Sept 2018 issue Peace Keepers Magazine, is an inside look from the Corrections Officer’s vantage point of how state leadership is allowing the criminality of prison gang culture to flourish in a way that we haven’t seen in decades.

Changing conditions inside our prison system are a good barometer of what is soon to happen outside on the streets, much like the coal miner and the canary.

The last 10 years of so-called “crime initiatives and legislation” that were promising to rehab career criminals and make our communities safe, have failed to do either.

Law Enforcement is finding itself playing some sort of a high stakes game of “catch and release” with offenders, knowing they have little chance of actually going to prison. Now it seems gangs and thugs are taking control of the prisons themselves.

Mike Reynolds