Three Strikes 2010 Anniversary

Here we have provided links to the online sites of the Los Angeles Times that carried Three Strike 10 Year Anniversary articles. Though their biases are plainly evident, we include them nonetheless. Fair and balanced.

From the Los Angeles Times, 7 March 2004, Vincent Schiraldi and Geri Silva. Law That Fails on All Counts

From the Los Angeles Times, 5 March 2004, Greg Krikorian, Times Staff Writer. Three-Strikes Law Has Little Effect, Study Says

And here we provide just a small number of examples on the effectiveness of 3 Strikes.

County District Attorneys submit 6 cases of “poster boys” for 3 Strikes

Tough for Whom?” (PDF format) Professor Jennifer Walsh speaks on the subject she knows so well

Our own 15 Year Report

The FBI weighs in on falling crime numbers in California, lower and faster than the rest of the nation