Twenty percent of California’s inmates are illegal aliens.

*AP Investigation: 500,000 criminal deportees from America wreak havoc in many nations

*Bernaldo Groves, convicted of attempted murder, wishes he’d bothered to become a U.S. citizen

*Illegals deported after prison frequently return

Deporting alien criminals was an idea that came on the heels of 3-Strikes when it was passed in 1996.

Unfortunately, it lacks one component to truly make it successful.

We are deporting after their time has been served in federal or state prisons.

To be truly successful we should develop a policy of incarceration that honors a sentence and conviction of a US Court, but sends offenders to serve that time in their country of origin.

We, in turn, would do the same. US citizens convicted in their country would serve out their time in the US.

The key to compliance is to pay foreign countries half the rate per year to incarcerate as in a US prison.

For example, if the US average is $25,000 per inmate per year, we pay $12,500 per year to keep them in their own country.

*The US saves 50% of its incarceration costs.

*Foreign countries have a financial incentive to comply

*Foreign criminals are less likely to return to US soil. Knowing that that their time would be served in the country of origin.