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“If you’ve ever wondered why you feel unsafe in your own neighborhood, or wondered what you can do about it, read this book.” Larry Wieda, President, Crime Stoppers International

Jennifer E. Walsh, Phd has written a book, available at Amazon.com, that we recommend highly. She concludes, given the success of 3-Strikes, that such laws are here to stay.

Here you will find several options for ordering Mike Reynolds’ book, “Three Strikes and You’re Out: The Chronicle of America’s Toughest Anti-Crime Law: A Promse to Kimber.”

You can order this book direct from the publisher at 1-800-497-4909 or from Amazon Online. ISBN: 1884956122, Quill Driver Books.

What others have said about Mike’s book.

“This book must become required reading, on a monthly basis, for all politicians, judges, and parole boards until all 50 states have followed where the Reynolds family has led.” Morton Feldman, National Association of Chiefs of Police

“This book should be read by every citizen who is concerned about revolving-door justice.” John DiIulio, Professor of Politics and Public Affairs, Princeton University

“Mike Reynolds is living proof that, in America, all it takes is for one common man to get involved.” Mike Reagan, Host of the “Michael Reagan Talk Show”

“(Three Strikes) sends a clear message to repreat criminals: Find a new line of work because we’re going to start turning career criminals into career inmates.” Former California Governor Pete Wilson